Road along my childhood home

Monday, July 17, 2017
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Recurring dream sequence of walking north on the road of my childhood home.  I travel this road quite a bit when dreaming and it is always lush, green with new inhabitants every time.  This time, I don't make it very far because I am stopped in front of the house about 4 doors down where I used to babysit three kids.  A a woman in the driveway with her two kids and a dog says “Are you from Uptown”, referring to my MN license plates.  I walk in to the yard and we have a conversation where I tell her I do live in Minneapolis, but not Uptown and also that I used to babysit for three kids in this very house back in the 1970’s.  The house has been enlarged and the exterior is now covered with stone no longer resembling the harvest gold sided split level I had remembered being there. She asks me if I want to see it and we take the tour.  Many rooms are wildly decorated with art, her husband joins us and we walk through the rooms – on the periphery the kids are playing.  The basement is gutted and I am trying to get my bearings of North South East & West and then point out where Tammy and Brian’s bedroom used to be, as well as the couch in the family room where I spent many a night watching late night TV waiting for their parents to come home from the bars.  The conversation ensues about going out dancing in town and also connecting the dots on all the people that we have in common in both Two Rivers & Minneapolis.  The woman of the house tells me how much she enjoys talking to / knowing my dad.

From a balcony, I’m watching someone conduct a symphony on a stage to the left and on a stage to the right a choir in robes stands in a circle under a soft light.  The conductor emerges and faces the orchestra in a very flamboyant and showy manner.  I realize that none of the members in either group are human, they are mechanical.

Before waking – I’m explaining the gross reality that most everything has a 75% likelihood of being tainted with the feces that mice drop .. water, food and everyday items that might be stored in boxes.  Someone is searching for a baby raccoon that is intent upon slipping into an aquarium when no one is looking and eating all the beta fish.  


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