Icons in a closet road trip... with souvenirs

Friday, July 7, 2017
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Two tall icons or candles one orange one dark grey/black they were completed and in a closet - 

An old co-worker gives me a large poster commemorating a system rollout we had performed in Florida. The image was a large cartoonish scene with cutouts for inserting your face for a souvenir photo.  In the photo he was the larger primary character in the center, smiling and goofy, I am in a cutout photo on the upper left part of the poster posing with someone else, I looked like I did in the late 90’s / early 2000 and wearing a gold lame short dress. 

I am standing on a ledge of a tall building hanging on with my right hand and leaning away from the building unfurling and admiring the poster with my left. I wasn't concerned about falling --- although I thought about it and then remembered I had done things like this before without mishap.

Going to a Chinese restaurant with ex husband, Dr. Mambo’s combo was going to play – I overheard Michael Bland saying they needed an incense / fire burner and I knew I had one in the closet with the icons, it was only two blocks to go back and retrieve it so I left and went through the dark streets, also icy in high heels running to get it – wasn’t worried, was kind of happy.

Driving dream, highway led to the East Coast, considered exits or getting off but kept going – could hear two women (older) talking about the road / directions – wasn’t sure if they were in my car or in another car behind me

Was aware through the icon part of my dream that I had to write it down --- was pretty sure in my dream I would remember the nuance – but now find it hard to put in to word.


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