A taste-testing memory experiment

Wednesday, November 2, 2016
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A woman is telling me about an experiment. I think of the one we're doing for my psychology degree - this one seems like a clever varation.

She says, "but this one really makes people nervous"

I see a table and laid out on it are three containers.

I know that each has a different taste experience, e.g. "sweet", "sour", "salty".

If someone chooses the wrong one they suffer the bad taste! I am reminded of a time, a friend's little brother offered me a tea with 'sugar' but somehow tricked me and it had salt in it instead. I figure this experiment works along similar lines. There's a high incentive to pick the right one!

I'm currently completing a Grad Dip. in Psychology. It's pretty interesting. This week we have been asked to write a report about an experiment looking at working memory differences in males and females. This dream seems related to my study because something that's explored in the papers I've looked at is that there are different ways of testing working memory (e.g. spatial, verbal approaches).

I like how this dream built on what I was learning in class by suggesting a sensory means of testing working memory (through taste). This is the second dream-like vision I've had about psychology this week. Earlier on in the week, I dreamed that a woman was showing me a region of the brain and the type of cognitive functions associated with it (though the details are lost on me now).

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:) . I've got an interest in study psychology too, its something Ive been thinking a bit about this week, Ive always been interested in how others think but not interested in that as a job before  (I think cause Im misunderstood so much, I think that is adding to my interest that I'd really like to do this line of work). Maybe something I will do if I get well.


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