Dream meetup and a night ride

Wednesday, February 8, 2017
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I'm with a group of people. It seems I've finally got my act together and we're all here to talk/share dreams. I'm excited. It feels good - the realisation of, dare I say it, a dream. The scene has a hyper-real feeling, akin to lucidity.

* later (same or perhaps an entirely different dream) *

I'm heading north to Mernda. I'm accompanied by someone close to me - possibly my partner Carla. I'm on my bike, a little conscious that this doesn't seem like the ordinary route to get there, and that it may take longer than I would otherwise expect.

I decide to make it work, to give 100%. The sunlight seems to quickly fade from the dream, and before long it's night time. I'm riding along a fairly quiet stretch of highway, powering along on the side of the road at a good speed. I feel in command.

It's a little difficult to see since it's dark and I continue along, alert to the sound of  cars that might be coming up behind me.

Every now and then I experience a strange sensation in which I feel the right leg where my left leg should be, and vice versa. It makes the ride feel a little strange - as though my wires are literally 'crossed'.

Overall the feeling waking from this dream was good. There's something about powering along on one's bike in the night sky that makes me feel free. There was a sense of hesitation and uncertainty as well but that didn't seem to dominate. I'm pleased to have woken from a vivid dream - they've been a little blurry lately.


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