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Wednesday, July 19, 2017
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I dreamt that I was staying at this guys house and I was about to go on a run.I was wearing shorts in public for the first time. I was about to run and for some reason there is something in the sidewalk in front of me so I decided to fly.  I was excited to see if I could do it and I could.  I can still feel what it feels like in my body, being one with the energy. All I had to do was let go, and I could instantly fly as high as I wanted. It was like I've always known I could do this, but now it felt safe to do it in front of others that I could trust.  I ran back to the house and I decided to show who I was staying with that I could fly.  I was a little leery and didn't want everyone to know as I wanted to protect it.  The house is really dark and dreary. I show my sister that I can fly, and she was like not even that excited about it because she was like jealous or something. It was almost as if she didn't even want to notice.  I was like “Michele can you see that I'm flying? What the fuck?  pause your thoughts and get excited for me.”  And then I went into another room that had this huge mud pit and it was like all churnjng muddy water in half of the room. it was all of a sudden raining and so dark and dreary out and I was thinking I was so glad that I didn't go running. In the muddy room there was a group of people that I used to manage. I wanted to show them that I could fly.  at first I was nervous because I was worried that if I landed in the mud that I would sink and then I realized  it was going to be OK. I was asking them who I should contact because I felt like this was my purpose in life, to teach people how to fly. I also want to teach people about sex, but definitely also the flying.  I also wanted to know who could help me protect the information. I had asked spirit to show me how could teach people that anything was possible. Then I started to cry because I was so grateful that I had been given this information. At one point a dog was touching me allowing him to fly with me. As long as he was touching me he was also flying with me. And in my dream, I reference a dream that I had a few months ago where I was teaching Penelope Cruz how to fly. I can still remember what it felt like to fly. It's almost like I just had to let go of my energy, my aura in order to let it become one with the energy around me. 


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Alright! So - first, I would try to understand what flying holds for you. It's going to be very metaphoric. The context in which it's used here in the dream shows very blatantly it's being used as a metaphor for something, namely an experience you are seeking within yourself that also would have empowering implications to outer life, as well - as not only are you realizing you have this potential within you, you feel it to be a calling to teach others to access it, as well.

I would analyze how you wrote these sentences: "I was excited to see if I could do it and I could. All I had to do was let go, and I could instantly fly as high as I wanted. It was like I've always known I could do this, but now it felt safe to do it in front of others that I could trust."

View these sentences from the point of view of the flying being a metaphor. They're pretty profound statements! Super exciting stuff there.

Your interaction with your sister seems to highlight a potential hang up/worth issue. It's an issue I also have hang ups with. I often have the experience of as soon as I'm excited about something, the people that I love most fail to validate or celebrate me lol. It's become understood as an unflinching life lesson to learn to love myself first and most. Which is hard for me, as my Leo Moon (I'd be curious if this rings true for you as well) seems to be geared towards craving external validation and praise and I have always found it hard to just accept my own love when it isn't reciprocated from others, no matter how hard I try to force myself to do so. I'm finally getting there, but it's still a big test I have to meet every step of the way.

I would look at that interaction and the underlying issue there, whatever it means to you and reflect on it. The context doesn't seem to suggest the issue will sabotage the "flying," but wouldn't have appeared if there wasn't some reason you should be aware of it in relation to owning "flying."

The need for protection of teaching the flying, if it were my dream, would seem to suggest (as you also note above "feel safe to do it in front of others I trust") to me that I'm either getting brave enough to more fully embrace this about myself, but only with those I trust OR that like most dreams we have in life, we do need to keep them safe, as to not allow people's off handed remarks break our confidence in going for them, until we're fully capable of owning them no matter what. It could be both, dreams are good like that.

Just so amazing it is realized to be a life's purpose in the dream, pretty huge, though of course doesn't explicitly tell you what that means lol. I'd ask your unconscious to offer up more flying dreams related to whatever this purpose is as it deems it appropriate, to give you more info to connect the dots. And is teaching about sex something you already have in mind or is that news to you and an extra unknown cookie crumb? I'm guessing the line "I had asked spirit how I could teach people anything was possible" is a thought you had in the dream that was understood that learning to fly was that prayer answered? If so, I'd consider that an integral puzzle piece to more fully deciding what flying is a metaphor for! Pretty special the dream acknowledges this purpose is a gift from God.

And finally, lol, dog part is cool. I'd consider your feelings about dog traits you readily recognize. Then seek to understand how they tie in with the flying metaphor. The dog can fly only when you are touching - what does that seem to say? In my dreams dogs tend to symbolize loyalty more than anything else. That and unconditional love at times. IIWMD, it might be inviting me to "stay in touch" with whichever trait the dog symbolizes for me. That I must stay in touch with it for it to soar within me.

I love Penelope Cruz lol.

This is the kind of dream I was hoping for everyone. That opening to the wishes of the Self would offer something quite profound as to what it's wishing to initiate within us. Flying being a powerful metaphor for something your soul sees as an aspect of the purpose of your life! That's huge :) now the mission is to piece together what you can while you await further guidance and instruction!


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