Troubled Train Ticket Terminal Transaction

Wednesday, March 22, 2017
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After our group enters the train station we head for an automated terminal where we can buy train tickets. For some reason two rather loud and annoying women have asserted themselves into our group. Not sure what to do about that, I plan to ignore it until they go away.

The terminal is confusing. There is a screen, a print button, and a slot to put a credit/debit card in, but no way to enter our destination. Then I notice the panel on the left side of the device. Lifting up the panel reveals a bunch of buttons, dials, and rolly things with numbers and destinations on them.

While plugging in our travel data, one of the hangers-on impatiently approaches the terminal screen.
'This is taking far too long!' She declares, repeatedly jamming her hand on the print button.
'No, wait! I'm not done inputting-' Printing noises interrupt me and the woman pulls two tickets from the terminal.
'Can we go now?' She means it more like a command than a request.
'Oh, great!' I say, annoyed, 'Those are charged to me now and they don't even take us to the right...' I pause. 'You know what? Why don't you go ahead. We'll catch up.' 


There was a part before this where we met the two women, but I've forgotten what happened. I've also forgotten whether it was a train station or an airport...

In the end the problem was solved without me having to do anything, so my plan worked perfectly! Though it did cost me two tickets.

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Hey Finwe, good to see you back here again! smiley

For some reason the automated ticket terminal seemed really cool in my imagined version of your dream. As I read the dream, at first it feels like the issue is figuring out how to work the terminal and get the destination right; but as I come the conclusion of your dream, it seems the more pressing matter is getting these intrusive people off my back for the sake of doing my own thing on my own terms. It may have incurred a cost, but I finally have some peace and independence/autonomy, able to go at my own pace. IIWMD I'd take this as a reassurance or an indication towards something I may be trying to achieve IWL - is there an area or situation in which I am feeling pressured, or even pressuring myself? Am I placing more importance on the destination or hurrying than the process or journey? Whatever the case, this sounds like a positive dream. I hope my input has helped somewhat. I look forward to reading more of your dream adventures!


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