The Sandstone Temple

Friday, March 31, 2017
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Several buildings have been demolished since last I walked this street. The large-ish buildings on either side have now been turned into rubble and construction pits. I wonder what they will build here next. This is a good commercial zone, so the land is probably bought by some large businesses.

I cross the street at the T-intersection and turn left.
On my right is another ruin. Two stories. The ground floor is completely open. No walls, no windows. The pillars holding up the second floor are inside.
The second floor outer wall seems to be made of some thick, light-yellow sandstone. There are no straight lines. The stone is curved in an organic, non-systematic way. There are also decorations in relief made with the same sandstone. It's mostly slanted lines, like thick backslashes on the outer wall of the second floor, but there are also some other symbols. A hand there, some other thick-lined relief drawings. It gives a kind of tribal african impression.

I continue to walk along the street. What this building lacks in height, it makes up for in length. It goes on for hundreds of meters.
Actually, it appears this is not a ruin at all. Since I have an unobstructed view of the ground floor I see furniture. Tables, sofas. A few large statues. They look like the religious kind of statues. Hindu, maybe? Or Buddhist? That doesn't fit with what's on the walls, though.

Finally, I see some people inside. They definitely look more asian than african. Their dress looks ceremonial. It's reminiscent of what buddhist monks wear.

Alright, I'm interested now. Let's have a look inside.

The floor of this second floor hallway is made of polished and lacquered wooden boards. Very nice. The overall lighting is provided by tan paper lanterns and fairly dim. The solid balustrade to my right is of the same thick, yellow sandstone as the outer wall. It is also just as rounded and organic in shape, kind of like a cave.
The yellow stone, dark brown floorboards, and dim lighting make a nice atmosphere.

One thing that makes it cumbersome to traverse this hallway is the collection of framed pictures that are placed haphazardly on the floor.
They are all portraits of saints and... Game of Thrones characters? What a weird mix!
I try to respectfully step over and around all the picture frames.

There is a lecture going on in this room. Since there are no doors, really, just the absence of a part of the wall, I wander in and take a seat with the guests. The woman giving the lecture is facing away from us toward her audience, which is made up of locals and residents. The line of seated guests is behind the lecturer.

I sit down next to GH.
'What a wonderful lecture she is giving!' he tells me excitedly. It must be really good for him to react like that.
'I know we were invited to listen for free, but...' he stands up.
'If I may,' GH says, interrupting the lecture, 'I would just like to say that you are giving a wonderful lecture and sharing the most profound knowledge. It is so good, we will straight away buy tickets like we normally would have, even though we don't have to. It is certainly worth it.'

Embarassed by his rude interruption I sneak away.


Nice. It has been a while since I remembered a dream this long.

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Hi Finwe,
I enjoyed reading this dream - particularly the bits where you have to walk carefully through the odd mix of picture of saints and Game of Thrones characters, and where GH stands up to let the lecturer know of his apprecation.


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