Monday, March 27, 2017
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Hey, great! There's still some ice cream in the fridge!
I take the two small ice cream containers and grab a spoon. One is vanilla, the other strawberry. There are a few others around me in the lounge and then R walks in.
Wait. He's alive again? He had suddenly passed away two days ago.
'The doctor came by yesterday and managed to resuscitate him' W explains. 'He needed some time to recover after that.'
R does look pale and is walking with a cane, now that I take a closer look.

I take my melting ice cream to the small table around which the sofas are placed. I need a bowl. It would be rude to just eat everything.

'So, what was heaven like?' I ask R. He seems surprised I would ask him that, even though we sometimes joked about it.
'Oh, there's this autocratic figure there.' he says, smiling 'He thinks He's very important, but He's not doing His job all that well.'


Six xhairs are set up in the hallway, three opposite the other three. The usual suspects are occupying those comfy chairs. R is one of them.
'God is a german. Did you know that?' R tells me with fake sincerity, 'God used to be from Germany.'
'Oh. No, I didn't know that.' I carry on a short conversation, then go through the hallway passing the others.

Once I'm through the door I remember R is actually not alive. Was I hallucinating? Did the people sitting in the hallway just now watch me have a conversation with thin air? I hope not...


The person in the dream, R, did pass away unexpectedly last Saturday. I didn't know him very well, but I did like him.

Funny how the subconscious tries to reproduce the behavior of people you know, but often doesn't do a very good job. Though it's usually good enough to fool your dream self.


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