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Monday, June 12, 2017
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Where in this trainstation is the platform I need to get to? My group meets there and I need to be there too. It's not really a group of 'good' people, they are mischievous, but they're my people.


Hey, there's a picture of U here! It says it's taken at a business meeting. The picture shows three people sitting in lecture hall benches, cheering like they are at a sports game. One is W, U's husband. The cheerful woman in the image must be U, though she does not look familiar, and I don't recognise the third person.


"The christmas lights in the gardens of 11 and 16 are much better." A little girl from a group of children tells me. Eleven? Which house is that? Probably our neighbors. That makes sense, they have something like a spinning caroussel. They must've put lights on it.


My parents are just about ready to go to sleep. They are already in their room. Having just come back to stay with them a few days, I'm still dealing with my own laundry. I sneak through the hallway to my own room and find a small pile of more laundry in front of my door. I go into my room and set up some racks to hang and dry my clothes.


Hey, there's a rabbit here! It looks very much like my old pet rabbit, but it can't be him, since he passed away years ago. Did my parents get a new one?
It's under the table in front of the couch where my parents are sitting. I go to pick it up and, hey, there's another! I pick both up and want to take them upstairs. Are they buddies? Did they bond already? Hang on, did I see a third bunny go around the corner? Yes, and there's a fourth as well. Wow, my parents went overboard!
All four rabbits are the same size, brown with a white belly, and are comfortable with being handled.


The table is cluttered with stacks of notes I took for the project I'm working on. While hard at work, H walks in and starts cleaning.
"Wait, hang on!" I say as he starts grabbing my notes to clear the table, "I'll do that myself. I don't want the order messed up."
I pick up stacks of notes and put them in one stack. G is helping me. There's also sewing equipment here for some reason. Colored pins in a cushion, spools of thread and a small wooden box. It's not mine so I leave it.


These dream fragments accurately reflect the erratic sleep I had last night...

I've started writing down dreams on paper right after I wake up, so the writing style may be a little less pleasant from now on. 

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Nice effort, Finwe. I find it hard to write them down when all I get is fragments, but at the same time, it always improves my dream recall for the following days.


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