Back to School Nightmare

Wednesday, January 11, 2017
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My presentation for Dutch class is coming up tomorrow. Oh dear. I forgot all about it and now I have nothing prepared!
A book, a book, I have to find one to talk about... The bible? Can I pull that? Hmm, probably not, but what else am I gonna do?
I rummage around the room trying to find some book I can use.

Downstairs in the living room my little sister has a friend over. They're off giggling in a corner somewhere.
What's my class schedule for today? I don't even know! What do I need to bring?
I check online for the school roster for my class. Okay, here's something... Back to school party in the gym... Wait does that say 2012?! This hasn't updated for 5 years?! Aaah!

A rainstorm is raging outside. This would make my bike ride to school Very unpleasant...
Maybe I should just not go? Skipping the first day of school sounds bad, but... I'm so underprepared and have no idea what classes I have today anyway. Maybe it's best to just cut my losses...


Wow, that's the closest I've gotten to a nightmare in a long time.
A steretoypical back to school dream, oh-god-I-don't-know-what-classes-I-have... That might be a first.

I also don't have any sisters.


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